Parthesh PatelParthesh PatelParthesh Patel
Gujarat, India
Parthesh PatelParthesh PatelParthesh Patel
Parthesh Patel


About Him

Parthesh staunchly represents the dynamic youth of today’s India. Seeing our country become one of the superpowers in the world, has been a dream that has propelled his life till now. Armed with a charismatic personality and a sharp intellect, Parthesh has been successfully guiding some of the most powerful politicians of our great nation, since quite a few years now.

From extensively researching the candidate as well as their opponent, to drawing up political campaigns, to creating the right political message, to drafting the social media strategies, to designing the blueprints for PR and other media activities, and what not – Parthesh is always on the forefront, taking personal care of each and every bit, to ensure success.


Political Consulting

Political consulting is a catchphrase that’s fast gaining mileage amongst anyone even remotely interested in the field of politics.

Image Branding

Like any industry would agree, image branding is an important part of a political organization and any campaign it runs, as well.

Campaign Development

Writing a political campaign is probably the first thing one does, just after they decide to run for elections. A candidate expects political consultant to…

Media Marketing

Media marketing, including both digital and print marketing, has always been a cornerstone of any political party that has ever won any election.

Social Media Promotions

What makes for the focal point of any decent political campaign? Many things, probably. But, it is the participation of general public and their views,…

Publicity Management

Political image of a candidate, and thereby the voting behaviour of people, has a lot hanging on how their brand and publicity management is handled.