Parthesh PatelParthesh PatelParthesh Patel
Gujarat, India
Parthesh PatelParthesh PatelParthesh Patel

Publicity Management

Political image of a candidate, and thereby the voting behaviour of people, has a lot hanging on how their brand and publicity management is handled. Everything, from a political party’s overall attitude, to the estimation of a candidate’s personal qualities – the way it is all analyzed and presented before the public – it has a significant influence on how the result of an election turns out.

A political consultant, as well versed as Parthesh, understands how publicity in the political arena can as easily strengthen the former voting preferences, as it can weaken it. If not done correctly, the efforts towards publicity management might only result in small fluctuations in the voting patterns, or no more than just a little reconfiguration of a candidate’s image in the minds of voters.

More than the policies and other political substance, it is the contemporary and strategic media coverage of political affairs that defines how people perceive a certain party or a candidate, and their style of campaigning.

Therefore, a political consultant is only as good as the winning strategy they frame, the campaigns they run, and the policy battles they help a party in fighting. Parthesh, with his knack of taking challenges head-on, and figuring out a solution for them, believes that any political coverage has this one leading angle – the strategy frame. Because of his proficiency in building a highly robust strategy frame, tie and again, that Parthesh has established himself as one of the top political consultants with deft publicity management skills, in the country today.