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Gujarat, India
Parthesh PatelParthesh PatelParthesh Patel

Image Branding

Like any industry would agree, image branding is an important part of a political organization and any campaign it runs, as well. The brand concept in itself is an extremely powerful tool that can single-handedly bring together the economic, cultural, and rational themes of a political party together. A brand is only as impressive, as it is distinct; that is why elections are very much about how public perceives an individual or a party. If the public perception is left flawed in any way, every single thing can fall apart faster than a set of dominoes.

The need for an adept public image consultant is hence, important to create an impeccable brand out of a political party or a person, before any election process ensues. This is where Parthesh, being exceptional at creating a political image, and thereafter skillfully managing it, comes into picture. The vague impression one leaves on the minds of the public, the overarching feeling or association that public feels with everything one stands for – that is what an intangible, yet powerful brand image does to a politician, or a political organization.

It is important to make sure that people are able to distinguish the candidate or their party from the competition itself. Through right efforts, therefore, Parthesh has successfully been able to create a trustworthy relationship between a party and the public, while simultaneously creating a distinct political identity for the candidate.

Through various ingenious methods, Parthesh has been able to carve an immaculate reputation for his clients, while garnering immense public support for them. Through a deep understanding of a candidate, their political consumers, as well as the competition itself, Parthesh ensures that winning an election becomes only the first in the string of upcoming success stories for his clients.