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Gujarat, India
Parthesh PatelParthesh PatelParthesh Patel

Social Media Promotions

What makes for the focal point of any decent political campaign? Many things, probably. But, it is the participation of general public and their views, that probably holds the most significance. And what better way to help a political campaigner open their communication facility to the people, than making use of a social media platform! Through a slew of comments, likes, and other forms of feedback, the digital arena is more than set to offer political parties and individuals a great opportunity to build trust amongst people, and increase their vote base.

But, with these platforms being available to everyone as marketing tools, it is the way one strategizes to plan their social media political campaign, that makes all the difference. It goes without saying that such planning always requires expertise from someone as proficient as Parthesh. While every social media site provides a level playing ground to each player, it remains in the hands of the player and their consultant, how they use the chance to have a direct conversation with the voters, in the best way possible. With exclusively focused strategies, rest assured, it is possible.

Any well formed plan starts with listing the objectives, moving on to categorizing the short-term and the long-term goals, knowing the audience, understanding every platform, drafting the right content, posting it at the right time, and finally planning a marketing budget around these factors. In terms of various nuances of social campaigning, highlighting the campaign message and finally analyzing every social media effort to ensure the next effort brings better results, holds major significance.

Most of all, though, it is essential that the multitude of public voices be heard, their problems addressed, their opinions respected, their lights understood, their questions answered, and their feedback be taken into serious consideration. That is the only way that social media can be effectively used to build a personal rapport with the voter base.

It is with the help of the right political consultant, like Parthesh, that it becomes easier for a candidate and the party to further amplify the results that they’d have envisioned.