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Gujarat, India
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Campaign Development

political Campaign Development

Writing a political campaign development is probably the first thing one does, just after they decide to run for elections. And this daunting, yet unavoidable, and finally decisive task is what a candidate expects their political consultant to specialize in.

Such an expectation never goes in vain, if that consultant turns out to be Mr. Parthesh. Each and every element that forms the staircase to a successful campaign design, including strategic summary, budget and fundraising, vote goal, message and research, a designated timeline, earned and paid media, and so on, is a field in itself that Parthesh specializes in.

From briefly summarizing the campaign goals, to drafting the strategy from beginning to end, the right consultant would know exactly how to how to move ahead. In addition, they’d need to work out exactly the number of winning votes the candidate would need, and be able to target voters by making use of phones, direct mail, canvassing, and such other methods. Budget and fundraising are again two crucial elements of a campaign plan. A consultant should be able to gauge the amount of money a campaign could bring in, and the money that it would be able to raise. The clarity of the fundraising goals would then decide how clear a consultant is when it comes to the whole campaign budget, which is a month-by-month plan of the money needed to spend and on what.

In addition to doing everything above, a candidate can depend on Parthesh to let across their political message clearly to the people, help them outline their spending on media, handle everything that includes talking to reporters, sending press releases, scheduling call-times, updating emails – everything within the carefully decided timeline.

Building a political campaign plan does take some time, but if you have Parthesh as your political consultant, it is going to be completely worth it.