Parthesh PatelParthesh PatelParthesh Patel
Gujarat, India
Parthesh PatelParthesh PatelParthesh Patel

Political Consulting

Political consulting is a catchphrase that’s fast gaining mileage amongst anyone even remotely interested in the field of politics. Amongst a crowd of political consultants though, what is it that makes Parthesh stand apart?

The answer lies in the sheer magnitude of services provided here. There’s a whole gamut of activities, right from message building, opinion polling, media advertising, PR, to ground campaigns, researching the opposition, and so on, that forms the basis of any effective campaign. It is this wide range of specializations that lend preciseness to Parthesh’s way of consulting, and provides him with an exclusivity in the field.

Winning any election is about forming a strong strategy in the first place, and then making sure that it is executed to the T. By working as an excellent overall campaign manager and an effective candidate specialist, Parthesh has proved time and again, his mettle. His leadership quality can be seen every time he has brought together all the internal as well as external stakeholders, to form an indomitable team that specializes in microtargeting, and hence winning the election booth after booth.

With the political scene being in a constant mode of flux, the necessity of campaigns being innovatively driven is growing rapidly. The challenges faced, whether it is with respect to scaling, or identifying big messages to win an election, or something else – they keep becoming bigger and better. That is reason enough for a political consultant to be on their feet day in and day out, coming up with unique solutions that are bigger, better, and beyond best. It is therefore a huge feat, that Parthesh as a political consultant, has been able to make his mark in the all-time evolving scene of politics, easily differentiate his brand from a sea of other consultants, and emerge as one of the biggest players in the candidate support space.